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History, memory, or record. Whatever they’re called, cars lived for decades carry significant and unique values. Depending on how to extract such essence, the flavour of the car never be the same.

We believe that restoration is not just giving clean and keen look to a car or replacing parts with the one listed on a certified parts catalogue. It must be much more comprehensive, sophisticated, and fun! Learning what the original manufacturer intended to and dreamed of, knowing how the car has lived with her family and people, and of course giving the highest consideration to the vision and thoughts of the current owner. We are very happy to carry out such demanding tasks because we love cars. We want them and their owners to live wonderful life now and in the future leading to another great moment.

Personalities, Characteristics

A car as a result of professional work conveys a lot to human senses, usually not easily described in words. Also, she deliver significant things, such as manufacturer’s philosophy or her owner’s motto, as she travels the time .

Drivers may describe the above as feelings or impressions. Engineers may find that it could be the result of one micrometer gap in the engine. MURO: Restoration is specialized in accuracy that turns mechanical movements in the engine to lively beat.

The result is astonishing that it is emotional like burning flame but also soothing like solid iron. Are you ready to experience such breathtaking moment?


Restoration itself is not a goal. We believe it is a place of departure for the next voyage. We think our restoration work cannot be completed without the owner and the car enjoying a wonderful car life together. Thus, we are proud to provide appropriate support with a range of equipment and knowledge.

If you do not know where to begin? Do not worry. We are always happy to talk about your plan and your vehicle together from the view point of a professional engineer.

Flip to The Next Era

We are experiencing series of new waves in the classic car restoration industry. In addition to the accumulated know-hows and knowledge, the cutting edge technology now enables us to excavate and recreate things once forgotten in the history.

Vehicle restoration is done anywhere in the world; we have so many choices, various restorers conduct many kinds of restoration based on different policies and back grounds. We are specialized in accurate engineering by our experienced engineers. When you decide to add another page of history to your beloved car, we are more than happy to help your dream come true. Our purely gearhead engineers will back you up at full throttle.